Archive: May 2011

May 31 2011

Today is my final day as the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church and this post will be the last time, for a while, that I’ll focus on my pastoral life there.  It has been a splendid 11+ years, our[…]

May 27 2011

As many of you know May 29, 2011 will be my final Sunday as the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church, the church I helped to found 11+ years ago. The gratitude for who and what the people of MBCC[…]

May 26 2011

I really should start a new blog called either “Get off my lawn” or “When I was a kid . . .” because as I get older, these things sure are fun to say to my children.  And as I[…]

May 19 2011

After yet another round of classy comments from SFGate commenters on my last post, I had another conversations with someone about the usefulness of comments on a blog. For places like SFGate I could probably post, “Puppies are cute!” and[…]

May 18 2011

[photo: Luke Thomas] Taking a little break from my normal blog content, I am going to get a little “local politics”and share with you the results of a lunch I had with Supervisor John Avalos from District 11 in San Francisco last[…]

May 10 2011

UPDATE: Amendment 10a passed the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area, 205 in favor, 56 against, 3 abstentions. Originally, I was tying to track some of the responses, but Robert Austell is building a much more complete list of responses[…]

May 9 2011

Now for those who know me, there should be no doubt where I stand on homosexuality and the church. Not a sin, not a choice, not an issue for me. Still, there is much work to be done to address[…]

May 8 2011

[Photo: gageskidmore] According to this Reuter’s article, this week Bobby “What me, a vice presidential candidate?” Jindal, governor of Louisiana, released a copy of his birth certificate. This was done as a response to an editorial that was in response to his support of Birther inspired[…]

May 6 2011

UPDATE, May 7: Profile migration complete. Please “like” and share MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE. In the whole scheme of the world’s problems, all this Social Media stuff is pretty silly, I know it, you know it . . . but[…]

May 5 2011

A few days ago when it was announced that  Osama Bin Laden had been killed, I, like many others, found myself torn. On one hand, there was great relief that this person, a symbol and perpetrator of destruction and violence[…]