Archive: October 2011

October 27 2011

Now I know that I am asking for it by simply bringing up the idea that there may be some similarities between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements. How do I know this?  A few days ago, I put the[…]

October 26 2011

It’s been a long time since I graduated from seminary, 1995 to be exact. Much has changed in the world: recent generations have lived a life that I can’t fully comprehend, the landscape of American Christianity has changed and the church continues to play catch-up[…]

October 25 2011

First off, if you have been involved in faith-based social justice work, you will recognize that the person with the guitar in front of this Wells Fargo Office is none other than singer and songwriter, Betsy Rose. *Pause for social justice[…]

October 24 2011

This weekend when we got back to our place and came home to this . . . Some book about Ed Lee was left on our steps with a handwritten post-it note that said, “Hope you enjoy the book. Vote[…]

October 23 2011

This past friday night I took my daughter to the newly re-opened Bindlestiff Studio to see their latest offering, a co-production with Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art (PMSTA)‘s, “Death of a Player.” We had a great time and, as expected, the[…]

October 21 2011

[image: wackystuff] It’s that time of year again. As we lament the appearance of Christmas holiday decorations before Halloween, the search for Fall 2012 schools also begins in earnest here in San Francisco. School tours begin, 8th graders start shadowing at prospective[…]

October 21 2011

In the past few weeks the mayors race has kicked into high gear: mailings, email blasts, house parties and more have filled the calendars and inboxes of most people here in San Francisco.  My #1, as you know, is John[…]

October 19 2011

This Monday I will be joining hundreds of other religious leaders and people of faith to show support for and be part of the Occupy San Francisco gatherings. Bay Area religious leaders will gather in Justin Hermann Plaza on Monday, October 24th[…]

October 18 2011

After making a short stop on Patheos where I dipped my toe into WordPress waters, I fully committed to using the platform on my new blog. I’ll post later on my recent and full conversion from Typepad to WordPress, but for now, let me[…]

October 18 2011

This past summer, the denomination of which I am a member, the Presbyterian Church (USA), approved a change to our constitution that essentially removes any obstacles to the ordination of any qualified and called LGBTQ person. For some this has been far too[…]

October 17 2011

  Earlier this summer, I got onto a bit of a blogging roll: pissing off hard core photographers, musing on same-sex marriage and taking on the issue of gun violence. There was spirited interaction on all of the posts, but the[…]

October 13 2011

You have heard it a million times, the cliché used in every cheesy movie break-up, “It’s not you . . . it’s me” as if somehow that eases the pain for the one being left?  Well, this is not really[…]

October 11 2011

Today is National Coming Out Day. Celebrated on October 11 in the United States and around the world, this is a day that celebrates and raises awareness about LGBTQ movements, people and perspectives. One of the things that has been[…]

October 10 2011

Last night we finally watched the latest episode of Glee, Asian F. Yes, I like Glee. Get over it. For those who have watched Glee from the beginning, you know that there have been ups and downs in the pace and content of[…]