In the past few weeks the mayors race has kicked into high gear: mailings, email blasts, house parties and more have filled the calendars and inboxes of most people here in San Francisco.  My #1, as you know, is John Avalos and he, and the capaign team, have been busy as well.  I am so grateful and inspired by the campaign staff, volunteers and John and his family . . . such passionate public servants!

A few folks have asked my how “my guy” is doing, so wanted to give folks a little update.  Again, while I attend some meetings and help at a few gatherings, I am not on the campaign staff and, due to my travel, have not been as active in the campaign as of late. Also, no one vets anything I write about John, so this is just me being me talking about John.

John has been making waves in some pretty amazing ways. A recent independent poll placed Interim Mayor Ed Lee at the top with John in third place behind Lee and Dennis Herrera.  While the numbers might not look good in terms of straight #1 voting, with 21% still undecided, ranked-choice voting and a growing “anyone but ed” vibe, the winner of the #2 and #3 race may just take the whole thing. I am not sure how much any of us should pay attention to polls in general, but it is becoming clear that San Francisco’s progressive voice is beginning to make itself heard though John’s candidacy. Woot!

Below are just a few vids of some of John’s activities as of late. In the mean time, please check out his WEBSITE, follow him on TWITTER and like/share his FACEBOOK PAGE.  Also, there are many, many, many ways to get involved with the campaign, so check the campaign calendar.

His latest video kicking off his “Everyday Giant” push.

Here is John being interview by Keith Olbermann about Occupy SF and Municipal Banks.

Here is the actual speech her gave at Occupy SF.

And for the dog lover in the house, here is John being interviewed after getting the DogPAC endorsement.

Yes, there is a long way to go until November 8th, but if you want to know why I am supporting John Avalos for Mayor or want to help me decide on my as of yet decided upon #2 and #3, please feel free to contact me!

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