This weekend when we got back to our place and came home to this . . .

Some book about Ed Lee was left on our steps with a handwritten post-it note that said, “Hope you enjoy the book. Vote Ed Lee for Mayor” and it was signed, not with someone’s name, but with a smiley face.  So either one of my friends has a really warped sense of humor, the Ed Lee Campaign is going around looking for people who are clearly engaged in the mayor’s race or someone is reading my blog and thinks they can get Interim Mayor onto my ballot. As much as I would like to think that my blog has that kind of pull, I am going to have to go with explanation #2.

I was not a big face of Ed Lee before, obviously, but with so much controversy surrounding the DA’s investigation into Lee’s donations as well as recent questionable voter influencing , not a chance.

Signed . . . 🙂

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