Archive: November 2011

November 30 2011

I admittedly love gadgets, but I can usually resist feeding the “I want to have it first” buying frenzy. I waited until the second generation Kindle came out before jumping onto the eReader train; despite my own predictions, I never bought an iPad[…]

November 23 2011

A Book Club selection, 25 Books Every Christian Should Read has me conflicted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to lose much sleep over this, but I do think that this book raises significant questions about the nature and[…]

November 22 2011

This past weekend on the heels of the raid of the 101 California Occupy SF encampment, I and other members of the faith community attended a rally in support of the ongoing presence of Occupy San Francisco.  Held right in the middle of[…]

November 15 2011

Photo : Blue Dot Imagery This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing Nicole Maxali’s – pronounced “Mah-SHAH-Lee” – solo performance, “Forgetting the Details.” The story of Maxali’s journey from childhood to adulthood as she navigated some hard realities of her family, the plot revolved[…]

November 14 2011

If this is the first time you have ever read my blog, getting you up to speed on my social and theological location might take a little too long. Suffice it to say that I know that my perceptions of[…]

November 12 2011

Yesterday I came home to this . . . Apparently my two youngest daughters and their friend had decided to build a fort in our living room. As children have done for eons, every chair and blanket in the house was[…]

November 7 2011

On Tuesday San Franciscans will head to the polls to vote in one of the more interesting mayoral elections in recent memory. Unlike the Newsome/Gonzales battle of 2003 when it was a two-person battle, this year, out of the 16 candidates in the[…]

November 3 2011

As a person who makes his living writing and speaking there are times when it can become easy to start believing the hype.  The event invitations, flattering introductions and affirming comments can sometimes start to make a person believe that the world really[…]

November 1 2011

I love Halloween. If Halloween parties replaced Jello shaped like a brain with turkey and mashed potatoes, Halloween might jump above Christmas and Easter 😉  Just kidding – all of my Christian fundy friends can go ahead and breathe –[…]