While some of my closest friends knew about this project a few days ago, I am excited to publicly announce my first official book project. In adding to a faith and life book, for years I have wanted to write social media guidebook for churches, but I never quite felt that it was the right time, that there was the right medium or that I was in a personal place to do so.  Well, the stars have aligned and I have signed a contract to be part of the initial offering from ePublishing start-up, Shook Foil Books.

Why an eBook?

One of the reasons that I have decided to go with an eBook format is because of the nature of the topic. The ways that the social media landscape changes from day-to-day and the corresponding conversations generated from those changes makes an easily updated electronic format ideal. I also love the idea of this new format and the questions that will arise from its use.

Why Shook Foil?

 I have always had a heart for start-ups and those who feel called to them. Erik Dailey, who is taking the lead on this project, contacted me after I posted something about my book aspirations with an offer to be part of the initial launch of this project. I have never met Erik, but did a little sleuthing and talking with friends before deciding to hitch my wagon to the project. They will be doing some dry run before the big launch, summer 2012, where I will be part of the first offering of books.

What will be in the book . . .

  • Big picture history of Social Media and Social Networking
  • Argument for why churches must, should and can embrace social media including the dangers of doing so.
  • Survey of the growing number of Social Media platforms and technologies including a glossary terms and phrases.
  • Focused chapters on Twitter, Facebook and Blogging containing theoretical and practical advice for church use.
  • Church specific chapters and specific ways to integrate Social Media into each: worship, evangelism, mission, pastoral care, administration, etc.
  • 25 Questions That Churches Ask About Social Media.

How you can help shape the content.

While I have an basic outline and have begun writing, not only will there be the aforementioned “Top 25 Questions” chapter, but I hope that the questions and issues that I raise will address meaningful questions and issues of local congregations and governing bodies.  In order to do this, I would really appreciate it if you took some time to ADD TO, RANK and COMMENT ON this list that I have created.

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That’s it for now. Have a great day.


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