My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

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Last end of the year I promise [twitter year in review | blogging year in review]

I have never really been a “New Year ‘s Resolutions” kind of guy. I figure if you want to try to accomplish something meaningful, just go out and try. Why wait?  That said, since I am a horrible predictor and the new year really is a good time to think about hopes for the future, I have given in. Here are a few new things that I will try to check off the to do list in 2012.

10 – Santa dropped a new guitar in my stocking this year, so I will play my guitar at least twice a week.

9 – I have had a copy of Rosetta Stone Tagalog installed on computer for the past 18 months without ever using it, so at least once a week I will work on my Tagalog.

8 – Someone needs to get less Husky Boy so I will complete at least one P90X cycle.

7 – Finally writing a book on social media and the church, so I will meet my May Shook Foil Books deadline.

6 – No longer preaching every Sunday and missing somewhere to use words good, I will launch BRC and Friends Radio Show.

5 – With my Oakland A’s rebuilding . . . AGAIN . . . I will go to more baseball games than I did last year.

4 – I will take more pictures.

3I will not work past 10pm.

2I will not let chaos, messiness and piles bother me.

1 –  I will be kinder to those I love.

Those are doable, right?

I think so.

Some other folks who have made some kind of new year committment/s:


  • Sarah Kronkvist  

    Being an Asian American seminarian, I am finding myself drawn to feminist theology. I am definitely interested in reading the Mihee Kim-Kort book and look forward to your review.

  • David Rader  

    Followed your link on The Alienist and saw the crazy ebook pricing on Amazon.  New paperback editions are $5-$6; new hardback is $10; the Kindle digital edition is $12.  What!
    Library is “free” (already paid in the taxes).

    • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

      I know. All of the pricing and book formats are in serious flux. I have been checking out quite a few books from the SF Library on my Kindle and it has been great!  Hope you all are well!

  • Mgillesp  

    Geography of Grace sounds interesting, but I’m going to wait for your review, Bruce.  
    I loved the Alienist, too.

    • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

      Yes, it’s on my pile. It looks pretty dense, but we shall see.

  • videos cristianos  

    Nice points, One of the key aspects of a new year, a new beginning, it is to deny ourselves, follow our Lord Jesus Christ by doing his will and not ours, all our actions and doings must glorify Christ in our lives. God bless

  • RobinvMohr  

    I didn’t finish in time to send it to you before you posted this, but here are my resolutions:

    • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

      Thanks. I’ll add them!

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  • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

    Are you going to publish it in book form? You should at least self-pub. Also, would love to read it.

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