Anna Kendrick as Beca in “Pitch Perfect” (2012)


Geography // Stumbled upon this story from via Hyphen Magazine about Hawaiians being incarcerated in Arizona. “But since the 1990s, Saguaro Correctional Facility in Eloy, AZ, has housed more Hawaiians than any other prison in the nation — including Hawaii’s.” This is compelling story that Hyphen, a non-profit, needs our help to tell.

Entertainment // As many of you know, I am a total sucker for escapism movies. One of the bonuses of having three children at varying ages is that I can “justify” going to see pretty much any genre of movie. Recently we offered our fiscal sacrifice to the movie altar of Pitch Perfect. It was entertaining, ironic and just wrong enough to be funny . . . oh, and it was EXACTLY like my college experience :-/ Aca-awesome.

History // Started by the Filipino American National History Society in 1988, October  is Filipino American History Month. As much a think I know about “my people” I am so grateful for the academics and activists who keep pushing, digging and liberating the story. Here is a great example, the story of Larry Itliong who played a huge part in the farmworker strikes in the 1960’s. Fascinating.

Arts & Literature //  As I am working my way through Jeff Chang’s, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop I have been inspired to keep learning and experiencing the roots and future of this music that shaped so much of my life. If you want to keep stretching your hip-intelligence, check out The Crunk Feminist Collective.

Science & Nature //  A few months as part of a presentation on the future of the church, Eric Elnes showed this video of the Mars Landing. I was not one who went all gaga over the landing, but this video pretty much proves that everyone can have their 5:00 minutes of “cool.” Check out Seven Minutes of Terror, a metaphor for life and ministry for sure.

Sports & Leisure //  Another nod to Filipino American History Month, here is a new Filipino food site that might have the best name ever, Pig Parts & Beer. Too bad, I am about 90% vegan and do not like beer, but feel free to enjoy my share of the meal.

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