As some of you know, over the past few months I have venture into the land of veganism. Well, actually, I am about 90% no dairy and no meat with the occasional dinner with grandma satisfying my carnivore urges. Cal it what you will, I’m basically just eating better and feeling fine.

In any case, because I have always loved to cook, jumping into a new world of vegan and gluten-free cuisine has been really fun . . . not always delicious, but fun nonetheless.

The picture you see in this post is a collage of stages from making chili for my daughters’ school fundraiser this past weekend. We sold about three gallons of the stuff and I think it went over pretty well. The best part was that, while the “vegan” label scared off the meat-eaters in the crowd, as soon as we started pitching it as “the one with chocolate” is started selling.

I rarely follow recipes for anything – cooking, life, faith etc.– but because chili-making is definitely outside of me normal culinary bubble, I went ahead and looked one up. After some great suggestions and some internet searching I landed on Kathy’s Spicy Roasted Veggie Vegan Sausage Chili to use as a base.

Because of the list of ingredients, on first read this recipe might be a little overwhelming. Never fear as the great thing about chili is that it can be tweaked and adapted for everyone’s taste. Not only did I quadruple the recipe but ,because the first round as a little too spicy, I mellowed it out with and extra bar of dark chocolate, molasses and honey. The final product had a deep, smokey taste with a subtle jalapeno and poblano kick.

Be warned that if you do not enjoy the process of cooking, this recipe took a while work through and many dishes were sullied in the making of this dish. But, oh so worth it, if I do say so myself.

[Recipe on Google Docs]
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