I am not sure why I click on some things, but today I found myself listening to a conservative pundit again trying to build a case that there is a “War on Christmas.” I am sure you can use your mad google skills to catch some of the latest fiery exchanges between those who make their living off of having such fiery exchanges *cough* *Jon Stewart* *cough* *Bill O’Reilly* but suffice it to say, I think this is all a silly waste of time.

To be clear, as a Christian, I do not at all care how often the word “Christmas” is used or not used by politicians, entertainers or my local barista . . . if at all. As a Christian, I do not think that it is our God-given right to display Christian symbols on public land as if we have claimed the United States as Jesus’ primary mailing address. As a Christian, I do not think that our faith is under attack by anyone. As a Christian, I am downright embarrassed by the actions of other Christians who claim to speak and act on behalf of all Christians. As a Christian, I think it is the Christian thing to do to go out of our way to treat others as we would hope to be treated and not assume we know people’s understandings about and descriptions of this time of the year.

Yes, as a Christian, this time of year is sacred and holy, but not because of displays I see in the park, words at the courthouse or specials on the television. It is sacred because this is the time that this Christian and many others simply revel in the hope, joy, peace and love that Christ brings to the world.


Oh, as a Christian, I also think this.*

Happy Holidays.

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