No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013 Lenten Thanks here.

ScanCafe 960 11-2012 Deanne

My sister, Deanne, – AKA Dr. Dee – is seven years younger, the highest educated person in our family – not that we keep track of such things – and a genuinely wonderful person. With grace, care and plenty of good eats, she exhibits a hospitality that envelops friends and family with the kind of generosity that the world needs more of. Deanne also has a wicked sense of humor that I believe has won her the family’s, “love, laughter and smart-assery award” four years running. Deanne and I have lived through some crazy stuff over the years and through it all, my little sister has been a blessing and a gift.

Today, I give thanks for my sister, Deanne.

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