Buffer App IconYou know who you are.

You show up on my twitter or Facebook thread updating like you have just downed a 42oz Red Bull with a Jolt Cola chaser and the idea squirrels in your brain are ready to party.






And then nothing . . . you draw me into the chaos of your free-flow musings and then just like that, you are gone — and I feel used, strung along and left dripping in your voluminous and vomitous rants, musings and links.

But alas, no longer should you feel the need to temper your updating enthusiasm on my account. At first, I really didn’t want to share, keeping the fun all to myself, but for the good of is both, let me introduce you to Buffer, the cure for the all-too-common social media affliction: thread vomiting.

In a nutshell, Buffer integrates with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to automatically post your updates in a way that, not only helps protect the rest of us from the splatter of your late night mental brilliance, but posts your thoughts, ideas and links at times and in doses that we might actually read them.

For example. It’s 2:00 in the morning and you have five really good thoughts or links that you want to share. Now you could just post them all right then and doom them to being buried at the bottom of most people’s threads by the morning. You could also go through the process of scheduling each tweet using another service — not fun. Or . . . you can go ahead an fire off update after link after update after link and Buffer will automatically spread the actual posting of those updates throughout the day . . . not all at once.

I just started using it a few days ago (h/t: Guy Kawaski) and I have been smitten. And while it does not schedule updates like Hootsuite or other social media managers, it integrates into Twitter and Facebook like no other service I have seen before. Unlike other service where you have to mouse up to a bookmark or extension when you want to share it, Buffer just shows up in the update box right where you would be anyway, requiring very little shift in updating patterns and habits.

Buffer Twitter Screenshot


Very cool.

The site itself is beautifully designed, easy to use and clean.

Buffer screen shot


As you add updates, your buffer count grows and you can see what updates are set to post through each profile and when they are set to go out. Once you build you buffer count, you can also go back in to edit, rearrange, add, etc.

You can also update directly from the Buffer site which I like.

Buffer Screen Shot

Again, the design is extremely intuitive and most folks will be able to get started in no time, but here are a couple of thoughts that I would offer to the new user.

  • Check each profile settings to make sure that they are set to the correct time zone.
  • Check the link shortening settings to make sure they use your bit.ly account.
  • You can change the default posting times and number of postings per day if you want, but the default has them staggered pretty well.
  • The Chrome extension is worth adding.
  • At this point it only add Twitter, Facebook (profile or page) and LinkedIn. If you are uber-geeky link your app.net profile as well.

So that’s it — Buffer.

If you feel like trying it out, feel free to use my referral link which, when used, gives both of us one more profile one more buffer slot. And if you should choose to disregard my please and continue your thread barfing ways, I’ll still love you . . . just from afar 😉

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