99¢ cent yellow sticker

UPDATE 06.13: So apparently, when the price is increased, the Amazon approval process is quite quick and it only took a few hours for the price to switch back.

For a limited time you can purchase the Kindle version of my new book, But I don’t See You as Asian: Curating Conversations about Race, for only 99¢.

Wow, what an amazing deal and gesture of generosity!

Oh who am I kidding?

Truth is — while I would love to play this super deal off as a schrewd and savvy marketing maneuver that will get more copies of the book into circulation, increase social media buzz and generate interest and reviews. . . yeah, not so much. This is more of a, how shall I put it . . . a “Oh crap, what did I just do?” kind of blunder.

You see, late last night – too late in retrospect – during the process of fulfilling some of the rewards from the book’s Kickstarter Project, I inadvertently lowered the Kindle price to 99¢, down from the normal cost of $9.99. In this Kickstater and self-publishing adventure, yet another learning curve moment by which others will glean great wisdom from my “oops.”

Yeah, I’m a giver.

So while this is definitely not one of my shining moments during this of self-publishing adventure – heck, I haven’t even fully announced the book’s release – it is amusing. Plus, just because I didn’t mean to change the price, that does not mean that some purpose cannot be found in such these miscues. Sure, you COULD wait until later today, when the price flips back to $9.99, to buy your copy or you could go ahead and gift  5 or 10 or 20 to your family, friends and colleague and be thought of as totally awesome and generous.

Here are some possible ways to use this time:

  • Gift a copy to all the kids in your youth group, scout troop or club, especially headed off to college;
  • Gift a copy the staff where you work, worship or serve — way better than donuts;
  • Gift a copy someone who you think would enjoy it, needs to read it, or just likes collecting books on their kindle.
  • Gift a copy someone who may simply need to know you care.
  • Gift a copy to yourself, because really . . . it’s 99¢.

And as they say, “Hurry . . . because this price will not last forever,” — so order yours today!

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