For so many reason, I love Pride Weekend in San Francisco. While I am sure some lament the rather tame atmosphere that it now has, I am glad that more and more folks feel as though the Pride Parade and the accompanying festivities can be embraced by both those who are LGBTQQ as well as the allies that support them.

I have attended multiple times and am always moved by the pure joy that enfolds the place. Sure, there are some times when my own puritan sensibilities are challenged, but 98% of the folks who are there, are simple there because it is a great time to celebrate freedom, identity and the complexities of gender and sexuality.

And well, it’s also a GREAT picture-taking time. I took many pictures, but here are my top 25 which include a few from the Girl Scouts of Northern California contingent, of which two of my daughters are a part. This was the first year that the Norcal Girl Scouts were given permission to march and the response was boisterous and lovely throughout the parade route.

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