Bruce’s 2014 Fantasy Baseball Season Invitation

ESPN Fantasy BaseballYes. It is time.

After a successful first year of managing two fantasy leagues, it is time to get the 2014 season going.  Like last year I will support two leagues, one a pretty basic one and one for the those who have too much time on their hands are really committed to the wonder, artistry and challenge of fantasy sports.

First things first . . .

And now about the two leagues . . .

LEAGUE ONE – The Kaibigan Baseball League – Kaibigan, Tagalog word for friend.

  • 12 teams: The league will reset each year allowing new people to join in
  • 10 categories: batting average, runs, home runs, RBI, stolen bases, wins, ERA, saves, strikeouts and WHIP
  • Head-to-Head format: each week you will play a different team with the winner getting a point for every category won.
  • Draft day: This will be a “snake” draft meaning that we just take turns picking players. The exact date to be decided one the league is filled.

LEAGUE TWO –  The Esteban Baseball League – Named after my grandfather, Esteban de los Reyes,  who instilled in me a love of baseball and the Oakland Athletics Baseball Club.

  • 14-team Keeper League – The “keeper” league is a multi-year commitment where you draft with the knowledge that you will keep six players from one year to the next. There will probably be about four openings this year.
  • 26 Categories: This league will have up to 26 categories, requiring a deeper knowledge of players and skills and will take into account batting, pitching and defense.
  • Rotisserie format:  This will be a season long accumulation of each category with each place is assigned a point today. With a 14 team league if you finish first in a category you receive 14 points and if you finish last, you get 1 point.
  • Draft day: The date will be decided once the league and it will be an “auction” draft.

So are you in?

This is a rolling sign-up process, so the sooner you sign up, the more likely you will get into a league. Please keep in mind for The Esteban Baseball League, team owners will have to leave before I can add new owners.

Play ball.

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