Bruce Reyes-Chow, 1987This very short blog series is from a recently discovered print-out (dot matrix on perforated computer paper) of a short-lived journal that I kept during the final semester of my senior year at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, CA — in 1987.

I have replaced names with random initials, though those who were in my life during that time will easily be able to figure out who everyone is. I have also kept everything as is with helpful clarifications in [brackets].


February 15, 1987

Yesterday K., B., L., and I all went out to lunch in Old Sac. That night V., B2. and I went to C.’s for one of her Flip parties. B2 had to go home at 11:00 so V. took her home and we went back to T.’s. J., H., and this hella fine girl were all there but nothing happened. V. and I stayed there until 3:00am playing “Truth or Dare.” J. and I changed shirts, H. changed her skirt with some guy’s pants, and C.  gave me some wicked stuff to drink. V. and J. gave each other back rubs and V. made me get close to this hella ugly girl. Oh well, we both agreed that neither of us could ever fall in love with J. because she was flirting with both of us.

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