Dear Diary — February 18, 1987

Bruce Reyes-Chow, 1987This very short blog series is from a recently discovered print-out (dot matrix on perforated computer paper) of a short-lived journal that I kept during the final semester of my senior year at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, CA — in 1987.

I have replaced names with random initials, though those who were in my life during that time will easily be able to figure out who everyone is. I have also kept everything as is with helpful clarifications in [brackets].


February 18, 1987

Not much has been happening lately. V., L., and I went out to eat dim sum. Then, V. and I went to see “From the Hip”. It was really funny.

Yesterday (Tuesday) J. came over for lunch and we ended up staying here until 4:00. It was pretty awesome, we sat around and looked at my baby pictures and just talked about everything. The day went by really fast and the whole time I thought I was getting good signals.

I guess not.

When we started to leave she stood right in front of me and I said “Why are you so tall?” Then she slouched down and we looked into each other’s eyes. I figured “What the heck, why not try to kiss her?” So with that I touched the side of her face bent down to kiss her and SURPRISE I she didn’t move her head.

I said “Guess not, eh?” she just smiled.

I couldn’t believe it everything was so perfect that day and then she goes and dogs me. I thought it was pretty funny, so did L., D., V., F., and E. Oh well, I guess I must have deserved from something I did before. Then she called me that night. Today she called me too and told me she wanted to talk to me about something. I figure it can’t be bad. Today we get to meet F.’s new flame. She better be nice.


  • Jori  


    • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

      Remember, I changed the names/initials, so if you were thinking, “Um, that never happened…” you are correct. Another lady in my life at that time . . . doh.

      • Jori  

        Whew! I thought that I missed something! 🙂

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