Flickr Photo: sakechaud

Flickr Photo: sakechaud

Still not giving up Social Media for Lent.

While some choose to give something up each Lenten season, as I did with in 2013, in 2014 I will again take on a discipline. This year, because my prayer life has been less than spectacular as of late, I am going to offer a daily prayer (whatever hits me each morning) along with a video or some other resource.

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When life becomes about me

What I want

What I need

What I desire




Grant me the perspective to see and accept the difference between MY wants in life and YOUR hopes for who I become.


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One of my favorite MJ songs, covered by Duwende . . .

See all of my 2014 Lenten prayers here and here is a good Lent 101 article from my denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA).