In light of the various narratives about why people are leaving or should leave the Presbyterian Church (USA), I recently posed the question, Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?  Here is one more person sharing why they are staying in the Presbyterian Church (USA) . . .

Laura ViauName: Laura Viau
How are related to the PC(USA): Candidate for Ministry
On Twitter: @elbyviau

Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?:

I stay because I love that the PC(USA) reflects the messiness of community even as we seek orderliness in our polity.

I stay because we expect people to think, ask questions and come to own their faith, which leads me to deeply respect women and men with whom I disagree on the thorny issues that make it necessary to even ponder “why I stay”.

I stay because my journey has blessed me with experience in many denominations and fellowships- all of which led me to the PC(USA). I knew from the first Presbytery meeting I observed that these people are my people.

I stay because God called me to prepare for ordered ministry in the PC(USA) at a time when calls are few and far between.  It makes no sense, which makes me (forces me to) trust that God’s got something planned for me here.

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