In light of the various narratives about why people are leaving or should leave the Presbyterian Church (USA), I recently posed the question, Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?  Here is one more person sharing why they are staying in the Presbyterian Church (USA) . . .

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Why do you choose to stay in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?:

 I choose to stay because of our Reformed theological conviction that we are constantly becoming new.  We testify we will never arrive at perfect discipleship yet we firmly believe God is always at work forming and reforming us.  I am grateful for the way we feel compelled to see our world through the lens of the biblical story and hold up issues of justice and mercy.  I thank God for a faith tradition who appreciates both thinking and believing.  And I am deeply grateful for a theological tradition that holds up God’s claim on us announced through baptism as ultimate and our ability to respond to that claim as penultimate.  Our response of faith is important because it changes us, not God’s opinion of us.  Finally, I stay in the PC(USA) because God has called me to be an active part of this particular way of being Christian and to keep participating in God’s constant work of resurrection.

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