National Church Leadership Institute 2014

Receive a 10% discount on any registration, on-site or virtual, by using the code: brucespecial.*

For those who are attending the 2014 National Church Leadership Institute in Atlanta this week (August 7-10), I look forward to hanging out with you again. For new friends whom I  have yet to meet, I look forward to meeting you and hearing about what trouble you are getting into . . . in the name of Jesus, of course.

I will be there again as one of the Senior Consultants with the Center for Progressive Renewal doing a variety of things: presenting, workshopping and general tomfoolery in the name of Jesus 😉  This is one of those churchy conferences that I enjoy being at because I think we do a pretty good job at holding the tension between the theoretical and the practical . . . at least that’s what we are striving to do.

Specifically I am leading a workshop on Digital Ministry Renovations for your church, meeting with some coaching folks and presenting some early thinking on how to navigate a world of justice seekers: prophets, pastors, priests and poets.

Check out the complete list of presenters and speakers, but just a few are: Shawna Bowman, Mike Piazza, Stacey Harwell, Lisa Anderson, Carol Howard Merritt and many more. It really is a great time to be had by all.

But Bruce, it’s too late for me to get to Atlanta…

Glad you asked.

If you register as a virtual participate you have access to  all of the main presentations available to you about an hour after they are done. You will then have permanent access to the presentations whenever you want to revisit them . . . think a kind of  Netflix for the NCLI Soul 😉

The cost to be a virtual participant is $149 (10% off if you use the code, “brucespecial”), but check out the schedule to see what you will get for your duckets. I think it will be worth it.

And if you want to follow along on the twitters, we’ll be using the #ncli14 hashtag and I’ll be tweeting via @breyeschow.

*DISCLAIMER: While I am a Senior Consultant  with CPR (Yea, I’m a senior and don’t you forget it!), other than travel, room and board, I do not receive compensation for this event. I do get some leadership facetime which can lead to future coaching and consulting opportunities, but the sales pitches are left to others. I simple get to be there in order to share, interact and learn.

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