BRC and Friends is a regular-ish 30-minute google hang out with me, Bruce Reyes-Chow, and some of my friends from around the interwebs. Each episode to include discussion on a current event, a random interest and a few surprises. This is basically an excuse for me to talk with interesting people about interesting things. Thanks for tuning in!

Alison Collins on BRC and FriendsToday I welcome to the show, Alison Collins. Alison is a San Francisco blogger and parent.

From her blog, “This blog is for parents and educators to share information, about how to support our children in Bay Area Public Schools. Let’s move “beyond the bake sale”, to support the academic success of all children. By becoming informed and asking questions we can create public schools of the highest quality — I encourage you to join in on the conversation!”

You should take a moment to connect with Alison:


Recent post: The More Things Change… or Ferguson and Black History 101

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Enjoy the show.


Segment 1: San Francisco Public Schools, SFUSD

Segment 2: Ferguson, Earthquake, etc

Segment 3: Randomocities

Which muppet are you most like? GONZO.
Guilty pleasure music group from your childhood?
Favorite president? OBAMA
If the chore fairies show up tonight, what chore would they do?
Paying it forward, one organization that more people should know about: Valencia 826 Writing Center


Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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