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Today on BRC and Friends, I spoke with Larissa Kwong Abazia. Enjoy.

September 30, 2014
Noon PDT

Recap and more info about Larissa Kwong Abazia s below the video.

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Ferguson, Presbyterians and The Walking DeadThe Reverend Larissa Kwong Abazia is the current Vice-Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA) serving with Moderator, Heath Rada. A native of New Jersey and graduate of Rutgers University and Princeton Theological Seminary, she currently serves as the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills, a multiethnic, multicultural congregation in Queens, New York.

Larissa is committed to God’s call to live in beloved community. She serve on multiple team and committees working for justice and equality in the church and the world. She continually seeks ways to equip and empower people of all ages and backgrounds to live into the radical potential of life in community.

As a writer she has coauthored a reflection on readings from the lectionary for the Human Rights Campaign’s “Out In Scripture” as well as written a chapter in a collection of narratives by young adult clergywomen of color, Streams Running Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color.

Rev. Kwong Abazia and her husband, Dan, have one son. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, traveling, eating great food, reading, and writing.

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Episode Recap: Larissa Kwong Abazia


Segment 1:

Larissa and I talked about race and Ferguson with respect to the Presbyterian Church (USA) of which we are both a part. Specifically, we talked about the letter that was put out by the leadership of the denomination after Ferguson and Larissa’s attempt top broaden the response through the curation other responses, From a moment to a movement and From a moment to a movement #2.

Segment 2:

For the second episode in a row zombies took center stage as we talked about The Walking Dead, its social commentary and how/when Larissa discovered the show. We them moved onto talk about young adult, dystopian fiction series like Divergent and The Maze Runner.

Segment 3:

Q1: Last TV show that you binge-watched?:


Q2: What song are you mostly likely to be seen jamming to in your car these days or what “guilty pleasure” music do you listen to?

—  Taylor Swift AKA #TSwizzle

Q3: Your first or your worst job was:

— Page at a library.

Q4: If you got to change places with one person for one day (you get their gifts, skills and resources), who would it be:

— A pilot.

Q5: Paying it forward, one organization that more people should know about:

Women of Color in Ministry

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