Sixth Day of Lent 2015

February 24, 2015

Sitting in the airport in Minneapolis minutes before my flight home is to board, I will answer everyone’s burning question — What is the most important thing to pack when one travels?

Okay, maybe no one actually cares, but if you do, the answer is — Patience Pants.

Traveling during the winter can be hard. There are flight delays, people are tired, and nerves are frayed. People have paid a lot of money to get from one place or another, they are missing out on time with family, and, lets face it, we hate to wait.

We succumb to our frustration at times, but I have always felt it a calling to give an extra smile to a family with a crying child, a genuine thank you to a gate agent, and to let people in front of me during the stampede to the boarding door. I don’t feel like I am any better than folks, but I do think that adding to the anxiety and stress of airport travel is an action that I can choose NOT to do.

My family has a saying when we are about to enter  a particularly stressful air-travel situation, “Okay everyone, put on your patience pants.” We give ourselves this pre-emptive warning because, when it come to air-travel, there is often little that can be done. Sure, when the airline messes something up, letters can be written or complaints tweeted, but when it’s the weather, it is important to remember that the gate agent cannot control the weather — or can they?

I am shocked at how many times people yell at the gate agent because of weather delays or mechanical malfunctions. I don’t know about you, but I am perfectly okay with not flying in dangerous conditions or on a place that has a screw loose.  Instead of yelling, I hitch up my patience pants, hunker down near an open power outlet, and get my butt kicked at Scramble with Friends.

Gotta, go, they are starting to board.

See you tomorrow.

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