#40WordPrayer on Despair — Bruce Reyes-Chow

#40WordPrayer on DESPAIR

If mortals die, will they live again?
All the days of my service I would wait until my release should come.
– Job 14:14

It hurts. My body. My heart. My soul.

God’s gentle whispers remind me

that hope will deliver me from despair

and from death, new life will be known.

I have seen it, I have known it, I have lived it.

But today, I yearn for hope like never before.


Bruce Reyes-Chow

Cover 40 Days, 40 Prayers, 40 Words: Lenten Reflections for Everyday Life — Bruce Reyes-ChowReflection Excerpt . . .

I am not sure that I have ever known real despair.

I have experienced excruciating physical pain, I have felt deep emotional sadness, and I have wandered the realms of spiritual isolation. I have seen despair in the eyes of those close to me, and I have tried to comfort those filled with it. Despair has always been woven throughout the lives of those whom I have pastored, I have not known despair in its most crushing and desolating form.

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Please feel free to use this prayer and graphic with attribution, “By Bruce Reyes-Chow, from 40 Days, 40 Prayers, 40 Words: Lenten Reflections for Everyday Life

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