Alley in Old City Jerusalem.

Alley in Old City Jerusalem.

I made it.

After 18 hours of travel time I landed safely in Tel Aviv and met up with my group in Jerusalem. Let the Israel-Palestine trip begin.

The plane ride was quite the sociological goldmine with about 80+ 8th graders headed to Israel, a fight nearly breaking out because someone didn’t want to switch seats, and my favorite, the dude sitting next to me railing about how crazy and stupid President Obama is. Yes, I wore my headphones and avoided eye-contact throughout the trip

As we sat through out orientation, it is clear that I am a blank slate when it comes to much of the conflict in the region. I probably know a bit more than the average person on the streets of the United States, but as we heard the details, chronology of events, and political nuances of the conflict, I was reminded about how much I do NOT know. This time is definitely am listen, observe, reflect kind of trip.

Our first full day promises to be good as the group begins to bond and get rested. Tomorrow we do a little general touring and then we meet with a couple of peacemaking groups. I’ll try to update the blog every day, but no promises.

And lastly, later  will thank individual and groups by name, but much thanks to all who helped to make this trip possible.

If you want to track the trip during the day I’ll also be posting using the hashtag #brcIP on instagram and twitter.

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