My Eyes*

I fear my eyes only speak the ugliness of an unjust world

From father to daughter
From grandson to grandmother
From lover to lover
From stranger to stranger

For injustice is all that seems to inhabit my view

in the world
in my country
in my city

Violence, pain, and death in so many forms

The rape of her body
Gunshots in his back
Oppression of a mind
Incarceration of the holy

With every account, the eyes of the violent wail in victory
while the eyes of the suffering cry out for justice

I want to turn away
avert my gaze
hide my face
close my eyes

But I cannot
I must not
I will not

For the eyes of my daughters speak words of kindness

The eyes of my grandmother, courage
The eyes of my love, passion
The eyes of the stranger, hope

So I will keep my eyes open to the possibilities

I will seek.
I will search.
I will see.

And I will trust that my gaze will one day be filled with the beauty and abundance of justice.

*Poetry is not something that I do, but in sporadic attempt to explore new ways to express my thoughts about life and the world, I’m giving it a try.

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