The Thirty-eighth Day of Lent

April 2, 2015

Children are not robots.

It would be easier if they were.

Today was one of those days that we were reminded that each of our three girls is different. This seems obvious, but I think the hardest part of parenting multiple offspring is being able to adapt to the needs, wants, personalities, and peculiarities of each child.

There were no major episodes today, but there were a few times that we had to remind ourselves that each child makes decisions differently, each has different ways in which they deal with change, and each reacts differently to the ways we each parent.

What makes this all difficult is that my wife and I both have our natural and instinctual ways to parents. And like any other actions, having to go against instinct is never easy. I will say, parenting three daughters has forced me to become more flexible in general as I am not more acutely aware that each of us brings our unique sensibilities to the table.

Our life is not boring and we love it 99.98% of the time.

See you tomorrow,

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