There has been so much great stuff written over time about race that there is no way to find the best list of blog posts to read about race. That said what I have given you in this post are some of the writings that have, for whatever reason, stuck in my mind. This is not an exhaustive list — obviously. These are all fairly recent reads, I don’t agree with 100% of everything that is written, but I think they are read-worthy.  I hope these will inspire, engage, and enlighten.

Dear White Allies: Stop Unfriending Other White People Over Ferguson by Spectra (11.14)

But you, don’t do me any further injustice by claiming to stand in solidarity with me while really (really) excusing yourself of the hard work that is engaging with fellow white people on this issue. Don’t hide behind “being a good ally” without actually doing any work beyond merely echoing my cries of pain, anger, and soul wrenching disappointment.

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Fathering While Black by Zun Lee (12.13)

In other words, despite the fact that social, economic and political changes continue to inform more diversified notions of fatherhood for non-Black males, both “positive” and “negative” visuals pertaining to Black fathers remain stuck in paradigms that affirm rather than transcend limitations of patriarchy and hypermasculinity.

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I, as a white mom of two black children, do not share Baltimore’s pain. Instead, I grieve with you.  by Jen Hatmaker (04.15)

Like most southerners, I am conditioned to minimize struggle and avoid conflict. (Of course, this is selective, as I am quite dramatic about my own struggle when it suits me.) MLK famously dubbed this a “negative peace,” as it is no indicator of actual societal peace, only an absence of confrontation; everyone just settle down and don’t make us uncomfortable. We whitewash 400 years of systematic oppression and then scold the black community for bearing its scars.

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The Blueprint of Structural Inequality by Scot Nakagawa (09.13)

So let’s try that idea another way. Yes, race is a made up idea. But, based on that idea, we’ve built real structures, a whole society in fact, and the inequity created by those structures won’t go away just because we change our minds about race.

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Black death has become a cultural spectacle: Why the Walter Scott tragedy won’t change White America’s mind by Brittney Cooper (04.15)

In this cultural climate, it will take, it seems, an ocean of Black bodies to convince white people that structural racism is a problem. Therefore, I am not convinced in this moment that this video means anything. We watched Eric Garner die on video. We watched Tamir Rice die on video. The officers who killed both of them are free. Black people have no reason to trust that video evidence will lead to any significantly different outcome in the case of Michael Slager.

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Solidarity is for White Women, and Asian People are Funny by Lindsey Yoo (08.13)

I recognize that the Asian American experience in this country is not punctuated in the same way black narratives are by stories of enslavement, the insidiousness of Jim Crow, the myth of the rampant black male rapist, and the re-manifestation of Jim Crow through abysmal incarceration rates. I will never understand or have to live out that particular level of systematic, institutionalized, and brutal oppression. I also recognize that our socio-economic realities are often miles apart from others–some of us do have it better, and we certainly enjoy some privileges that others do not have. Additionally, anti-black racism, as I suspect it is with many other non-black communities, is an ongoing problem within the Asian community and needs to be rectified in order for true solidarity to exist.

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Millennials are just about as racist as their parents by Scott Clement (04.15)

The fact that today’s young whites are not much different from their elders on racial prejudice shouldn’t be all that surprising, as it matches past research on policies designed to alleviate racial inequality…Whatever expectation that millennials’ diverse racial makeup would spawn especially tolerant views has not yet come true.

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Race ya. by Katherine Fritz (11.14)

Guys, I’m a liberal white lady who uses phrases like “microaggressions” and “intersectional feminism.” I live in a large, racially diverse city. I know what the phrase “Columbusing” is about. I make works of theatre that address a number of issues, some of which directly explore racial tensions and the black experience in this country. I was pissed when NPR canceled Michel Martin’s “Tell Me More.” I say shit like, “You’re following Baratunde Thurston on Twitter, right?” ..And my numbers were actually WORSE than the national average…My social circle is 91.5% white.

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The Worst of White Folks by Kiese Laymon (07.13)

Even as a juvenile delinquent who didn’t fully understand what “responsibility” meant, I understood that when Mama said “white folks,” she meant the worst of white folks. I knew this literally because there were so many different types of white folks on television, and the only white folks I knew personally at the time—Ms. Bockman, Ms. Jacoby, Ms. Raphael, and Lori Bakutis—were complicated, caring white folks who didn’t want me dead. The truth was that you didn’t have to know white folks personally to understand what the worst of white folks nudged your family to feel and do.

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If Asian Americans saw white Americans the way white Americans see black Americans by Sonali Kohli, inspired by Anil Dash (04.15)

Asian Americans aren’t just model minorities, he [Dash] argues. Data show that they have surpassed white Americans in so many ways that Asian Americans could talk about white Americans as disparagingly as white Americans talk about the country’s black population.

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I Don’t Know What to Do With Good White People by Brit Bennett (12.14)

Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen good white people congratulate themselves for deleting racist friends or debating family members or performing small acts of kindness to Black people. Sometimes I think I’d prefer racist trolling to this grade of self-aggrandizement. A racist troll is easy to dismiss. He does not think decency is enough. Sometimes I think good white people expect to be rewarded for their decency. We are not like those other white people. See how enlightened and aware we are? See how we are good?

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Okay that was actually 11. And who said, nothing is life is free 😉

One always risks the wrath of someone whenever assembling any list suck as this. Admittedly, there are groups left out, perspectives missing, and stories untold, so if you would like to help fill in the gaps and have your own list of blogs posts to read about race or know of others, please feel free to offer them in the comments.

I’ll try to update as I can.

Here are a couple of other list on race that are worth checking out some are lists and other curators of lists.

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