PillarIt’s official, I have become a Presbyterian Pillar.

And I am proud to be one.

Recently the office of Compassion, Peace, and Justice announced the formation of the Pillar initiative where people can designate giving towards particular passions, thus helping to sustain them over the long-haul. And while I am not a big fan of designated giving as a rule, I am also willing to admit that times are a-changing. So kicking and screaming, I must admit that we must come up with models of support that makes sense — the Presbyterian Pillar idea is one such attempt to do so.

It is about encouraging a sustaining and generous community of donors who are deeply committed to the commandments of Jesus to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves,” said Sara Lisherness, director of CPJ. “Becoming a Pillar of the Church publicly demonstrates our support of justice and peace.

– Sara Lisherness, Director of CPJ [full story]

So, I hiked up my old-man pants and became a Presbyterian Pillar.

If want to a part of this, here is how folks can join myself and others in becoming a Presbyterian Pillar for Compassion, Peace, and Justice!

  • Go to: www.presbyterianmission.org/supportcpj.
  • Make a reoccurring gift to any CPJ ministry.
  • The CPJ staff will be notified of your gift.
  • You are now a Presbyterian Pillar and will soon receive a fancy schmancy certificate and public acknowledgement.*

As many of you know, I am no denominational cheerleader — but, at same time, I feel deeply that I best live out my call in ministry and life as part of the Presbyterian Church (USA). My relationship with and support of our work around compassion, peace and justice is worthy is a vital outgrowth of my denominational affiliation and one that I am proud to lift up.

Should you too feel called, I hope you will join me in this endeavor!

*NOTE: Because of the pending website re-design – Woohoo! – and the moratorium on changes, there is no Pillar Initiative button or link. Never fear, I double checked about the process and was assured that any and all CPJ reoccurring gifts will be granted divine Presbyterian Pillarhood. That said, if you have any questions, please contact Rosemary Mitchell, staff for the Pillar Initiative: rosemary.mitchell@pcusa.org.

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