Below is a chapter from Rule #2: Don’t Be an Asshat: An Official Handbook for Raising Parents and Children. Over time we will be posting most of the book, though, should this inspire you to buy a copy, we would not be offended 🙂 Posted chapters can be found in the Table of Contents.

Rule #43: Have faith (Dad)

You were born into a faith tradition.

We have chosen not to give you a free-for-all faith experience but rather to ground you in the faith into which you were born: the Christian, Reformed, Presbyterian variety. At some point you will question our faith choices, you will question the beliefs we have taught you, and you will search for a faith that feeds your soul. That may end up being the faith of your birth or it may be a different tradition.

Wherever you end up on your spiritual journey, we hope and encourage searching and seeking. We understand that you have agency and freedom, but as you discover you beliefs, we do have our hopes about any faith that you choose.

Let it be a:

  • Faith that informs your politics and civic life
  • Faith that builds relationships beyond the circles of your own comfort and circumstance
  • Faith that empowers you to grow into who you are intended to become professionally and personally
  • Faith that values empathy, compassion, and justice
  • Faith that invites questions
  • Faith that you can lean on in times of despair
  • Faith that claims something stronger than any human acts of division, violence, or destruction

Where you will land in faith we do not know, but we hope you will land in a place where your soul will be fed, your mind stretched, and your heart made full.

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