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I have recently been trying to organize my online photos. It’s a slow process, but one that I am thoroughly enjoying. In doing so I stumbled upon this group of photos and was brought back to a day back in 2006. My wife and I had met up at San Francisco City Hall for a cup of coffee and while we were sitting there, this couple, looking a little frazzled, came up to us and asked if we would be witnesses for their wedding. They were understandably nervous asking complete strangers because when we didn’t hesitate, there was a deep sigh of relief.

So off we went to witness a wedding.

What I remember was that they were nervous, they were visiting from England — and well, that’s about it. I am sure that we exchanged names, heck we had to sign the wedding license, but neither Robin nor I can remember their names.

Awesome witnesses 🙂

We have always wondered how their story turned out — and since we’re too lazy to dig through City Hall records — we were wondering internet-land, does anyone know this couple?

Please share and ask some more and we’ll update if we hear anything.

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