September 10, 2017

If you’re stuck in your worship planning process, here are some prayers for your use.

Optional Pastoral Prayer

Check back here on on Friday or Saturday for a pastoral prayer in response to any of the week’s happenings in the world.

Call to Worship: Psalm 149:1-9

One: God, your people gather this day —
ALL: Let us rejoice, let us be glad, let us sing praises to God
One: For you are God and we are your people —
ALL: And your people assemble this day yearning to know your will for the world. 

Confession: Matthew 18:15-20

God, you know that “when two or three are gathered” you are there, but we also know that when two or three are gathered we often exhibit actions that are not of your intent. We may be prideful when we should be humble, we may be stubborn when we should be flexible and we may give in when we should hold strong. God for those times when we are unable and unwilling to hold one another and ourselves accountable, forgive us.

Assurance of Pardon: Exodus 12:1-14

From Passover to Passover,
from generation to generation,
from brokenness to wholeness,
from despair to hope,
from death to new life,
There is God and in this we are forgiven. AMEN.

Prayer of Dedication: Romans 13:8-14

God, let the talents that we offer be love.
God, let the time that we offer be love.
And, God, let these treasures that we offer, be love.
Love of the other.
Love of our community.
Love of you.

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