After a FB post in December 2016, it’s now been a year that the Church for Church Workers Facebook Group has been connecting and engaging.  While activities have and will continue to change with the rhythms and seasons of life, I am still pretty committed to the main intent:

C4CW is place for support, empathy, and inspiration for self-identified church workers: pastors, staff, musicians, educators, chaplains, etc.

While there have been fits and starts, it seems as though we have landed in a good space. I attempted a few conference call gatherings and some other things, but they never gained any traction. In the end, the success of this group will continue to be about trying things while not creating MORE burdens for people to lug around. After all, this is about church workers and I know all too well that there are plenty of draws on energy and time. The last thing I want this group to become is yet ANOTHER task to track and check off.

So nope, still not trying to build an organization and will continue to approach this endeavor as in invitation to sit in my metaphorical living room and find community. I do this not to maintain control-ish, but to create a space where people need not feel obligated to lead, but can simply be and be welcomed. On occasion, I’ll ask people to participate and people are always welcome to raise questions, but group members can also just hang out in the corner and breathe.

This is an online space, so confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. At the bare minimum, please do not share stories that are not yours to share.
Even in disagreement, and even if we cannot remain in this group together, please remember that we are each created and complex children of God.
Please avoid spamming. You know what it looks like, please do not do it.
You can leave anytime. This will not be for everyone. Please add and invite people only if you think they would really be interested.
No pumpkin spice anything allowed 🙂

As far as 2018 goes, this is from the group description:

– Call for weekly prayer offerings
– Post a monthly discussion question
– Maintain a welcoming place to simple BE
– Explore some kind of additional gathering

– Pray and be prayed for
– Offer questions to the group
– Join in when it feeds your soul
– Invite others to the group

If you are a self-identified church worker, please feel free to request to join the group here. You can also follow on Twitter or sign up for a regular text message announcement via Remind (Class: c4cw)

Thanks to my Patreon Supporters for providing a few bucks that allow me to continue to do these kinds of things.

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