Tag: Anna Kendrick

April 19 2014

Back in the day, Saturday morning was for cartoon watching, but alas, times are a changing and it’s all video clips all the time. So if you harken back for those days and you don’t happen to be one of those “consultant”[…]

February 4 2014

I did not watch Super Bowl XLVIII. My bitter 49ers self, just could not do it. I haven’t even watched the commercials. But I did watch these . . . This first one, Proud to Be was from the National[…]

December 27 2012

Shameless parent bragging as this may be, sue me, she makes me smile. After seeing the movie Pitch Perfect, inspired by Beca’s (played by Anna Kendrick) audition song, “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” two of my daughters decided to learn “The Cup Game.”  This[…]

October 20 2012

  Geography // Stumbled upon this story from via Hyphen Magazine about Hawaiians being incarcerated in Arizona. “But since the 1990s, Saguaro Correctional Facility in Eloy, AZ, has housed more Hawaiians than any other prison in the nation — including[…]