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February 2 2010

First, let me get it out of the way.  What is up with the name?  As a boy who lives in a household of all women, what were they thinking?  How do folks NOT go there? My cousin comments well[…]

October 27 2008

[image: flickrich] While some people just couldn’t wait for my recap of a meeting at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, as you may have heard via the twitter chatter of last week, I was invited to Apple’s main headquarters to meet[…]

July 21 2008

Yes, I am taking one more step deeper into the cult that is Mac.  If all goes well with some phone account gymnastics, there is a pretty good chance that in the next few days I will be in possession[…]

January 15 2008

Okay, so tonight it finally happens.  All the talk, all the prep, all the reconnecting with friends and asking folks to give up even more time to something as crazy as a denominational moderator election.  5:30 today, it happens.  SF[…]

July 5 2007

Seems like every conversation last week had some component of "So Bruce, are you going to get an iPhone?" in it.  Now I fully admit I have an unhealthy love for my MackBook and I am a card carrying member[…]

April 25 2007

Apparently Apple will debate the "Greening" of Apple.  In addition to the investors that are pushing Apple to at least catch up to Dell’s environmental commitments, Greenpeace has also been pretty active with the "Green My Apple" campaign. Apple shareholders[…]

March 15 2007

As I sit here on a Thursday evening at yet another quirky little SF cafe, I suddenly look around and notice a bunch of little glowing apples looking at me.  Yes . . . out of seven laptops being used[…]

November 20 2006

So I have done it . . . I am leaving the safe and comfy confines of PC-landia [Dell Inspiron 6000] and hauling my sorry butt to MAC-topia [MacBook Pro]. This is kind of a return for me after being[…]