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October 12 2015

This is exhausting. If you have not read the recent New York Times opinion piece from Nicholas Kristof, The Asian Advantage, this op-ed, has once again riled-up those docile, quiet, and respectful Asian Americans. Kristof, in his attempt to confront[…]

July 28 2015

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about the monthly AAPI Twitter Chat on Race. I hope that, whether you participate in real time or after it happens, that you will find something that is helpful for your own[…]

October 23 2014

BRC and Friends is a 30-minute Google Hangout where I chat with friends and adventurers from around the interwebs. Each episode includes conversations about one of my guests passions, projects or area of expertise, a current events or two and we[…]

May 14 2014

Here is the trailer to the latest all-Asian sitcom, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. First, I will be watching this. Second, if you think there is ANY consensus about this show within the Asian American community, just read the comments on the youtube clip […]

May 13 2014

Truth be told, I’m a tad bit conflicted about the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month thing? As much as I appreciate the intent behind these kinds of cultural awareness movements, sometimes I kinda feel like this is the, “Okay, I gotta go[…]

March 27 2013

No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013[…]

January 22 2013

UPDATE 01.22: Thoughtful response from, Bob Franquiz, I’m Still Learning. I’m Still Growing. I can also see how this particular idea came to be. I have been there. Folks are gathered in a room brainstorming ideas for a theme. Some ideas are way off[…]

April 24 2012

What began as  a personal blogging hiatus, there has been such a positive response to the  to the Guest Blogging Crew, I am making this a regular feature on my blog. It is my intention to expose new/different voices to a larger audience so if you[…]

February 15 2012

[Photo by nikk_la] While “Linsanity” might not rise to the level of an international, “Have you been living under a rock?” story, it does seems as thoughtrecently avoiding some mention of Jeremy Lin has been hard to do.  The quick story: Jeremy Lin[…]

February 7 2012

[Photo from the film “Vincent Who?”] UPDATE: Asian Pacific Americans for Progress is compiling a list of responses to the ad. [RESPONSES] On the night of June 19, 1982 in Detroit, MI, after a confrontation at a local club where Vincent[…]

February 6 2012

First things first, GO SEE THIS SHOW!  Falsettoland will complete its San Francisco run this weekend – 02.10, 02.11, 02.12 -, so get thee to Brown Paper Tickets and BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW . . . then come back and read the[…]

January 16 2012

I have written plenty on [race] in general and [Martin Luther King Jr.’s] birthday in particular, but on this, the 2012 remembrance of the birth of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., let me just offer three very random thoughts on the “post-racial”[…]

November 15 2011

Photo : Blue Dot Imagery This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing Nicole Maxali’s – pronounced “Mah-SHAH-Lee” – solo performance, “Forgetting the Details.” The story of Maxali’s journey from childhood to adulthood as she navigated some hard realities of her family, the plot revolved[…]

October 10 2011

Last night we finally watched the latest episode of Glee, Asian F. Yes, I like Glee. Get over it. For those who have watched Glee from the beginning, you know that there have been ups and downs in the pace and content of[…]

August 31 2011

In response to my last post, The Race for Room 200 and the #sfmayor Election, a comment on the SF Gate Cross Posting, basically said that I should just shut up about politics because I am a pastor.  Well, sorry[…]

May 10 2010

In case you have not refreshed your culture-to-month matching skillz, May is Asian Pacific American History month.  Much to debate around setting aside a month a year to particular ethnic groups, but as long as folks don’t see these interactions as ways to[…]

April 8 2010

It is not often that I read a book that simultaneously expands my knowledge base on social and cultural realities AND draws me into deep reflection upon my own life in the midst of the knowledge.  What a gift Eileen[…]

August 26 2009

balikbayan: to return home to one’s town or nation; to go home. I write this post from while sitting in my temporary “office” with the view pictured to the right.  No, I didn’t up and leave San Francisco for the[…]

May 28 2007

Dear brother and sister API’s, Waddup?!?!?!?  First Virginia Tech, then SF City College, then Stockton, now this week, not ONE, but TWO of our family were caught PRETENDING to be Stanford students.  Wow . . . how soon things change? […]

May 19 2007

The idea behind advocating for Asian American films, actors and film-makers is not to define who/what Asian America is, but to further express the historical and cultural complexity that is the Asian American experience.  For a complete list of movies[…]

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