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July 18 2008

I have been meaning to blog some more here but alas twas not to be this week.  So, here are a few posts and things that you might be interested in if you have some clicks left in ya before[…]

June 9 2008

In order to avoid getting into some of the mundane Monday tasks, here are three quick links that greeted me the morning. I love when people I know in person get some visibility for good work and creativity.  Imagine my[…]

March 6 2008

This is just not right

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[h/t: Sparkwood & 21] When Resourceful Goes too Far If you have not picked up on this blog by Bay Area newbie Brittany Gilbert, add her to your reader.  What are you waiting for?

March 6 2008

[h/t: Presbymergent] Always a willing participant in the viral nature of community building, let me pass along this note from Susan Baller-Shepard, from the I am a Presbyterian minister, social worker, and writer, and I’ve facilitated for nearly[…]

March 5 2008

Thanks to Shawn, I was made aware of the term Rick Rolled.  Sorry, again for the Rick Roll. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah!

March 5 2008

After my post about Too old for an identity crisis, someone sent me this one, What Asian People Like.  I have decided that I am not White. A few nights ago our youngest crawled onto my lap and fell asleep. […]

January 30 2008

Not sure how I first heard of this neighborhood site, Every Block.  I think it was The Corner – the guy who is my supplier for all things new and cool –  but I was hit today with a google[…]

January 8 2008

Today I was in Ab’s classroom to help with reading and since it was raining filled in for Ms. V. during recess so she could take a break.  Too fun hanging out with 20 first-graders.  The best part was watching[…]

December 14 2007

This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10. Starting Blog:One of the very first church/religion/culture bloggers that I really got to know was DJ Chuang.  I don’t even remember now how we met, but he helped me get settled and moving[…]

December 3 2007

Last night was the launching of MBCC’s new youth group.  We have a five 5th-6th graders and figured it was time.   As I dropped my eldest child off, I told her that I was more excited than her and maybe[…]

November 17 2007

This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10. Starting Blog:I know many a sleepless night you sit awake at night wondering, "Where is there a juggernaut of Presbyterian Church (USA) bloggers?"  Well sleep soundly because we begin this installment of BM10[…]

November 3 2007

This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10. Starting Blog:This week I decided to start with a blog that I read quite a bit for my social networking.  Influential Marketing Blog by Rohit Barghava is worth subscribing to as the posts[…]

October 27 2007

This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10. Starting Blog:Welcome Jud Hendrix to blogland.  Jud is the pastor of Covenant Community Church in Louisville where the tag line is quite possibly better than nothing, and is one of the most thoughtful[…]

October 23 2007

This is the first installment of this hallowed and genteel game.  If you would like to play along be sure to follow the BLOG MAP 10 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Here it goes . . . Starting Blog #1 // UbuntuCat[…]

October 22 2007

I had this great post, "An Expansive Language for God: Beyond Right or Wrong" bouncing in my head this weekend, but as I tried to finish it off today, nada.  Teasing myself.  Oh well maybe later. Other things that are[…]

October 17 2007

Spewing all the random craziness and excitement in my head via this blog, saves my marriage 😉 Hung out with Ladyburg and TSM for a few days after the end of our Austin event.  What a gift.  Thanks to you[…]

October 2 2007

Not sure how you all handle times when things just seems to be getting overwhelmingly crazy, but my personality tends to drift towards adding on tasks whether or not they need to be done and avoiding doing those that that[…]

September 17 2007

Here are a few events and things that might catch your fancy! From Clue CA // The New Sanctuary MovementWednesday, September 18, 9:00-11:00Hosanna Celebration Center formerly Central United Methodist Church754 14th Street, San Francisco CA 94114. Facebook Invitation and GroupIf[…]

August 30 2007

Friend of mine, Jeff who co-pastors with his wife, Kerri, in the lovely state of Ohio publishes a "Top Seven" list every once in a while.  Thought this was worth a chuckle. This week’s . . . Top Seven Ways[…]

August 17 2007

Brain Candy // Where pop, tech, culture and who knows what else converge . . . all filtered by yours truly.  A waste of time?  The pulse of contemporary culture? Plugged in beyond all geekdom? Nope, just a weekly rant[…]

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