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October 19 2012

So, once again, I am going through a little blog rearranging and am coming back to www.reyes-chow in order to replace what I was doing on the now defunct SF Gate City Brights Blog. Nothing huge for this post, but[…]

May 15 2012

As some of you have noticed, I have recently changed my blog design and have been blogging much more over on my Patheos Blog. Yes, I blogged there before and now I am focusing my efforts back there a little[…]

January 17 2012

[photo by Brandon Christopher Warren] They say that men think about sex a lot. There is some debate on about exactly how often, but  it is probably safe to say, it is often. For those of us in the sharing and opining[…]

January 3 2012

While some of my closest friends knew about this project a few days ago, I am excited to publicly announce my first official book project. In adding to a faith and life book, for years I have wanted to write[…]

December 28 2011

Like so many of us, whenever I get to the end of a calendar year, I am always surprised how quickly the year has gone by. I am not a big journaler of the pen and paper variety, but I have been[…]

October 18 2011

After making a short stop on Patheos where I dipped my toe into WordPress waters, I fully committed to using the platform on my new blog. I’ll post later on my recent and full conversion from Typepad to WordPress, but for now, let me[…]

October 13 2011

You have heard it a million times, the cliché used in every cheesy movie break-up, “It’s not you . . . it’s me” as if somehow that eases the pain for the one being left?  Well, this is not really[…]

September 30 2011

Yes, I am in transition yet again. I should really call my blog, “The Transient Blogger” as it seems I am never in one place all that long.  After hanging out with the good folks at since April, I am[…]

August 31 2010

A few weeks ago I cross-posted some thoughts about race over on SFGate.  And while the conversations on my blog and Facebook about the post were not always in total agreement, the tone and posture of the dialogue was civil, hopeful and I believe a[…]

March 26 2009

You all remember the Sesame Street song . . . everyone! One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time[…]

January 7 2008

Thanks for taking the time to explore my moderator blog.  I know that for some folks this whole blog world may be brand new and my just need a little basic knowledge before jumping in to the fray.  Below is[…]

July 30 2007

This post is an expansion on a couple of shorter past posts: Blogging as Spiritual Discipline/Practice and Why Do I Blog, You Ask? My name is Bruce and I am a blogger!  – Group response, “Hi Bruce.” There I said[…]

March 27 2007

Just yesterday I received two similar posts, 10 Things to do Before I Die from Wayne and 10 Things to do to Improve Your Blog Karma from Rohit.   Like the previous “5 things you didn’t know about me” thing there[…]

February 10 2007

I supposed this is a continuation of my post a few months back, Why Do I Blog, You Ask?  Call it justification for escapism or just an excuse not to interact with real live humanoid units, but I am standing[…]

November 15 2006

The past year or so as I have been blogging and building up relationships and connections via the blogging community, I have always wanted to know why some people blog.  I also have been wanting to record exactly why I[…]