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October 26 2014

BRC and Friends is a 30-minute Google Hangout where I chat with friends and adventurers from around the interwebs. Each episode includes conversations about one of my guests passions, projects or area of expertise, a current events or two and we[…]

May 16 2013

Dear Parents, I get it. I really do. Whether it is the first time your daughter gets on the school bus or your son’s first foray out into the playground by himself, there is something that stirs deep in our[…]

January 23 2012

Nearly two decades ago, as a candidate for ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA) I had to take, what we Presbyterians call “ordination exams.” Like the medical boards for doctors or the bar for attorneys, we must pass five exams[…]

December 8 2009

Throughout my travels as I have been attending conferences and visiting ministries, I have invited folks to send me short write-ups on their ministries and, with the understanding that, as I was able, I would post them on this blog.  My hope in doing[…]

April 2 2008

Thanks to Kristen’s prompting, last year Eldest participated in the Young Writer’s Program of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  She didn’t quite get done as we were just getting settled into our new place, but she gave it a[…]

March 12 2008

So if you have not heard, a recent court ruling puts into jeopardy those who choose to homeschool their children in California by making it illegal to teach homeschool w/o a teaching credential. Yesterday while listening to NPR’s Forum as[…]

January 2 2008

As part of a grant from the Lilly Foundation’s Sustaining Pastoral Excellence program a group of us have to think through individual projects for the year.  This year I am going to try and do some interesting continuing education events. […]

April 1 2007

UPDATE 4/29: Richard Florida’s Blog picked this up HERE. Might be some interesting conversations over there. Book Review: Cities and the Creative Class Bruce Reyes-Chow, 2007 Introduction and Rational Richard Florida, Hirst Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University has[…]

March 30 2007

Yesterday I had one of those "God" moments as I took a walk down this path near the Bay in Emeryville. " Failure" and/or "Success" is always about perspective. As an oldest child, Enneagram 3, task-driven, achievement-oriented kind of guy[…]