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September 23 2014

BRC and Friends is a 30-minute Google Hangout where I chat with friends and adventurers from around the interwebs. Each episode includes conversations about one of my guests passions, projects or area of expertise, a current events or two and we[…]

March 22 2008

Pending any more big news about this, this will be the last specific post on the ruckus raised by our 2008 Easter graphic.  I have always understood the viral nature of things, but this is still surprising on so many[…]

March 21 2008

Oh now we gone and done it!  Our 2008 “Come and Follow Mii” postcard has totally blowuptuated in the gaming world.  They laughed, the cried, they defended and they mocked.  And in the end I think it is pretty awesome[…]

July 6 2006

Okay, so over the past few months I have witnessed and been engaged in some conversations about VIDEO GAMING and the many issues around the culture, technology, etc.  Many folks at MBCC are connected to gaming via playing or working[…]