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August 29 2013

If you are in any way connected to the mainline-emergent-hipster-people-of-color-post-evangelical-christian world, you have probably caught a whiff of the kerfuffle that Christian Piatt started with his Top 25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading results: Readers’ Choice and Editor’s Picks. And[…]

December 12 2012

REFLECTIONS BY OTHERS* – PCUASA News | Theresa Cho | Jan Edmiston | Ruth Everhart | Mark Koenig | Michael Kruse | Krista Phillips | Derrick Weston | Mike White | Presbyterian Outlook UPDATE 12.13.12 – Memorial Service for Cynthia J. Bolbach will be held Saturday, December 15th at[…]

May 6 2012

[Photo by stephenmeszaros] One of my favorite people in the world is, pastor and friend, Jan Edmiston [blog|twitter]. Unless she has a secret life – which could be entirely possible – I don’t believe that Jan has won any world championships, saved anyone[…]