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May 20 2015

There has been so much great stuff written over time about race that there is no way to find the best list of blog posts to read about race. That said what I have given you in this post are some[…]

August 18 2014

I am just going to go ahead and title this year, The Year of Living Weepily. Not sure how this happened, but Eldest is entering her senior year. Yeah, yeah, yeah, generations upon generations have made it through this stage of[…]

January 13 2014

  This past weekend, I  had the privilege of spending a few days with the folks at the  2014 Christianity 21 Conference in Denver, CO. Along with some truly gifted thinkers and theologies, I was one of the 21 main[…]

December 13 2013

Originally posted on A few weeks ago, I posted this video made by and for some friends of mine: <iframe width=”600″ height=”338″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> I have been thinking about this video a great deal when it comes to[…]

August 29 2013

If you are in any way connected to the mainline-emergent-hipster-people-of-color-post-evangelical-christian world, you have probably caught a whiff of the kerfuffle that Christian Piatt started with his Top 25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading results: Readers’ Choice and Editor’s Picks. And[…]

August 19 2013

Holy moley there are a ton of social media sites out there! Seriously, how the heck can anyone keep up with them all? After all, some of you church types have to do things like visit people in the hospital[…]

July 26 2013

Thanks to  Clay Gunter for this somewhat insider romp through the life of my beloved Presbyterian Church (USA) and his top 12 things Presbyterians should do before they die . My favorite  = #4. Enjoy. A lot of the David Letterman-type Top 10 lists[…]

July 2 2013

For so many reason, I love Pride Weekend in San Francisco. While I am sure some lament the rather tame atmosphere that it now has, I am glad that more and more folks feel as though the Pride Parade and[…]

December 10 2012

Monday morning — sitting at my favorite San Francisco cafe hoping that the book would write itself, I stumbled upon this post by Chuck Wendig titled, 25 Things I Want To Say To So-Called “Aspiring” Writers.  I do not know anything[…]

April 6 2012

My Friday Five is somewhat of a mishmash of stuff I have recently seen around the interwebs, some of which I actually kept track of and others, I just remembered upon the writing of this post. Enjoy. After a truly stunning two-week excursion to China[…]

March 19 2012

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be Speed Racer: jumping over canyons, navigating dangerous terrain and yeah, having a chimpanzee in my entourage. And while I don’t QUITE have a chimpanzee in my life, my life often feels like[…]

February 20 2012

Here is a quick shot of one of our bookshelves with some POTUS flare. Far from a presidential expert, my favorite book by far is Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.  If you have[…]

February 6 2012

As part of my commitment to a couple of book projects, this spring I am taking a personal blogging hiatus and have invited some folks to blog in my stead. It is my intention help share some new voices and perspectives with a larger audience and keep my[…]

January 3 2012

[photo by kkalyan] Last end of the year I promise [twitter year in review | blogging year in review] I have never really been a “New Year ‘s Resolutions” kind of guy. I figure if you want to try to accomplish something[…]

December 29 2011

Next in line for my “year in review” posts . . . Twitter.* My 2011 Blogging Year in Review My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions As I traveled back through a year full of tweets I was struck by how much I tweet. I know[…]

December 28 2011

Like so many of us, whenever I get to the end of a calendar year, I am always surprised how quickly the year has gone by. I am not a big journaler of the pen and paper variety, but I have been[…]

December 2 2011

Lest anyone begin to think that I have lost the ability to make outlandish statements about pop culture, expose my cinematic proclivities or open myself up to ridicule about my love of all things Debbie Gibson and Titanic, never fear. With[…]

October 21 2011

[image: wackystuff] It’s that time of year again. As we lament the appearance of Christmas holiday decorations before Halloween, the search for Fall 2012 schools also begins in earnest here in San Francisco. School tours begin, 8th graders start shadowing at prospective[…]

April 8 2011

[photo: brianna miller] Sorry to disappoint some of you who might be looking for a “Top 10 List” of things that all Christians believe about such things as: abortion, sexuality, politics, Glee, hell, gambling, dinosaurs, baseball, immigration, Justin Bieber and/or[…]

March 18 2011

It’s okay, you can admit it, every so often in the middle of the night you are jolted from a deep slumber by the realization that you have no idea where you can find a complete list of Presbyterians on[…]

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