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March 7 2013

No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013[…]

April 28 2008

As I was looking at some of the pictures from Easter at MBCC I realized that I have never really posted many images of the church.  Easter at MBCC has always been interesting because most of our folks leave town[…]

April 17 2008

Due to a variety of reasons – mostly too many freaking people were come to church – about six months ago MBCC decided to intentionally transition from being a “Pastoral Church” to being a “Program Church.”  You can see the[…]

April 14 2008

First coffee in the "sanctuary" and now this?!?!?! And this?!?!?!? As part of our Series "Re|Creation: Meeting God in the Here and Now" we added a few elements to our "normal" worship experience.  In order to expand the ways that[…]

March 20 2008

[photo by pepe50] The world has a fascination with the next big thing.  We are enthralled by size, power and explosions metaphorical and real.  The church is the same way, especially those of us in the church already. A good example[…]

January 23 2008

Always hoping to balance people’s needs and wants around all things church and community, we would like to get some feedback about our Sunday services.  Please take a moment to fill out quick quick quick online survey ONLY IF YOU[…]

November 30 2007

MBCC on the home search AGAIN

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Many of you know the saga of the church plant.  Like wandering nomads, we move from place to place in the hopes that someday we may find somewhere that we can call home, maybe not permanently, but for a while. […]

October 25 2007

[Photo by cobalt123] Sometimes I feel like churches or pastors that are “plugged in” have to apologize for being as such.  There is this assumption that because we are technologically proficient, we lack understanding or connection to other ways of being[…]

August 31 2007

Mission Bay Communities Church’sAlmost-Annual All-Church PicnicMonday, September 3 No plans for Labor Day?Now you have something to do! You are invited to join this great group of folks for a day or fellowship, food and fun!  This invitation is for[…]

August 20 2007

[h/t to Tony Morgan] Outreach Magazine is putting together their list of Innovative Churches.  And while it would be flattering to pastor a church that was nominated to be a part of this list, it does raise at least one[…]

May 25 2007

Last night MBCC was asked to be a site visit for a Presbyterian Church (USA) Congregational Transformation event that was being held in the area.  There we about 45 pastor types from all over the country who are committed to[…]

April 27 2007

Golly Gee Whiz God . . . we are growing.  People are actually coming to church, they are beginning to engage in community, they are in need of pastoral care, programs, fellowship . . . AND all the while, the[…]

April 10 2007

One of the things we learn in seminary is that we should listen to the people "in the pews" or in the case of MBCC "on the couches and at the cafe tables."  But how often do we really?  Church[…]

April 1 2007

Like most churches, most people want to always get along.  But what fun is that?  Let me say that I serve an amazing church where folks can really engage in a spiritual journey pretty free of many of the obstacles[…]

March 3 2007

Just one of those days I guess.  I had the great "Conversation/s on Jesus" gathering planned. It was going to be for those who are exploring this whole Jesus thing for the first time.  Six "Maybes" was the count.  Drat[…]

February 22 2007

Just just received this eMail from a member* at mbcc and, of course, had to blog about it . . . By the way, on a whim, K and I went to a new church that opened two blocks from[…]

October 28 2006

The Drawing Power of Meat

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Today Mission Bay Community Church gathered in Golden Gate park for our sort-annual church picnic.  We had a great turnout, played some fun games and just shared in community.  As we gathered at the picnic alter of "BBQ’ing MEAT" I[…]

May 5 2006

Wealth and Poverty Reflections

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VERY interesting, not much buzz around this past week’s sermon on Wealth and Poverty.  I will admit that it was not quite as "Sexy" as the previous week’s sermon on Sexuality (oops, used the word to describe itself) and the […]

April 24 2006

The questions below were submitted by folks during worship at Mission Bay Community Church as part of my series, "Conversations on Faith." These particular questions were submitted during the first message, "Sexuality: Does God Care What Happens in the Bedroom." […]

April 24 2006

So, per one of my past blogs I began a new series this past Sunday on some fairly controversial topics starting off with a light one, "Sexuality."  Yeah, maybe trying to cover homosexuality, divorce, adultery and pre-marital sex might have[…]