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March 7 2013

No, I’m not giving up Social Media for Lent. My 2013 Lenten discipline is to give thanks to God for those who have helped me to grow into who God intends for me to be and become. See all of my 2013[…]

April 28 2008

As I was looking at some of the pictures from Easter at MBCC I realized that I have never really posted many images of the church.  Easter at MBCC has always been interesting because most of our folks leave town[…]

April 17 2008

Due to a variety of reasons – mostly too many freaking people were come to church – about six months ago MBCC decided to intentionally transition from being a “Pastoral Church” to being a “Program Church.”  You can see the[…]

April 14 2008

First coffee in the "sanctuary" and now this?!?!?! And this?!?!?!? As part of our Series "Re|Creation: Meeting God in the Here and Now" we added a few elements to our "normal" worship experience.  In order to expand the ways that[…]

March 22 2008

Pending any more big news about this, this will be the last specific post on the ruckus raised by our 2008 Easter graphic.  I have always understood the viral nature of things, but this is still surprising on so many[…]

March 21 2008

Oh now we gone and done it!  Our 2008 “Come and Follow Mii” postcard has totally blowuptuated in the gaming world.  They laughed, the cried, they defended and they mocked.  And in the end I think it is pretty awesome[…]

March 20 2008

Some DORK actually developed a meme specifically for Presbyterian Church (USA) folks.  So, only to not crush his geeky little ego, I guess I’ll participate. The rules are pretty basic in about 25 words each, answer the following five questions;[…]

March 20 2008

[photo by pepe50] The world has a fascination with the next big thing.  We are enthralled by size, power and explosions metaphorical and real.  The church is the same way, especially those of us in the church already. A good example[…]

February 28 2008

If you have not heard of this new blog, Stuff White People Like, you might be living under a blog rock.  I have been seeing this blog being referenced all over the freaking place.  I figured, OK, let me go[…]

February 5 2008

Everyone once in a while I am reminded how not progressive we are at MBCC.  Not talking specifics – gonna save it for sermon time – but there are certainly places where we fail to see beyond our own cultural[…]

January 30 2008

I have a three-week series to preach/facilitate/meander through after Easter and am thinking about doing a series on “You can’t ask THAT . . .” . . . things you re not supposed to talk about in church . […]

January 23 2008

Always hoping to balance people’s needs and wants around all things church and community, we would like to get some feedback about our Sunday services.  Please take a moment to fill out quick quick quick online survey ONLY IF YOU[…]

December 19 2007

At some point folks will stop thinking that I am just wasting my time on such social networks like Yelp, Facebook, etc.  Granted my pastoral world is different that most folks and the whole 2.0 thing is a natural fit[…]

December 18 2007

Last Sunday a few of us from MBCC joined San Francisco Network Ministries for their annual Christmas Caroling in the Tenderloin. We have not been for a few years and I had forgotten what a powerfully simple experience it is. […]

December 14 2007

Everyone once in a while I get these glimpses of overwhelming gratitude that can only be God.   Two such times as of late have reminded me of the many blessings that can come about if we open ourselves up to[…]

December 13 2007

This is a printing of an article that was just published by the Association on Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) in their Quarterly resource, The Advocate.  This is a mish-mash of many other thoughts I have spouted here before, but there[…]

October 25 2007

[Photo by cobalt123] Sometimes I feel like churches or pastors that are “plugged in” have to apologize for being as such.  There is this assumption that because we are technologically proficient, we lack understanding or connection to other ways of being[…]

October 17 2007

MBCC to Kenya in 2008

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UPDATED 10.22.07 – Bungoma 2008 Blog Pretty exciting news from Tiffany Flaming, MBCC Worship Arts Coordinator, Pop Culture Diva, Flying Lessons Blogger, and all-around good person.  Good Evening – as many of you know, I had the privilege of traveling[…]

September 25 2007

From the MBCC Facebook Group’s "Related Groups" sidebar.  Nice.

September 18 2007

MBCC Facilities Survey Reminder

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ATTN ALL MBCC TYPES! What a great Town Hall on Sunday.  Thanks to all that stayed for the conversation, for those who have filled out the survey and for the many of you who signed up to help with some[…]

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