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March 10 2009

[image: kmevans] Okay, the title of this post is slightly over the top.  Sorry, just trying to be provocative 😉  Technology, while it may do some harm in the wrong hands, it will not KILL the church.  We also know[…]

February 29 2008

I have this really bad habit.  I am sure someone out there can analyze this for me.  I start reading a book and feel like I want others to join in on on the ride.  The good thing is that[…]

November 28 2007

Some of the hoped for response from my post about my standing for Moderator came from Jim Berkley.  I have met Jim a few times, but we have mostly interacted via online conversations.  Jim is extremely thorough and while it[…]

September 25 2007

Alright, so I am just squeezing in under the deadline to post my contributions to Bob’s call to be part of his Horizon Grid Blog 2107* I think I figured it out right, but in 100 years there is a[…]

July 26 2007

I won!  I Won!  what did I win you ask? Dad of the year? Jesus worker of the week? Cafe Hanger-Outer of the City? While all would be bring sweet medals to hang around my neck, alas all pale in[…]

May 4 2007

What the?!?!?!?  Yes, pop culture filtered by yours truly.  A waste of time?  The pulse of contemporary culture?   Nope, just weekly rant and reflection about the sites and sounds that have stimulated my brain for good or bad, and now[…]

April 27 2007

Thanks to LT over at American Born Chinese Pastor for pointing me to this article about Gen Y’s Most Trusted Brands.  Got me to thinking about the church.   Shouldn’t we be trusted more than In-N-Out?  Now until we consistently serve[…]

April 11 2007

List Updated on . . . What seems like a zillion years ago, I posted "Top 10’ish Signs You’re a Postmodern"  and thought I would take another run at this along the lines of "You might be a [insert pejorative[…]

February 28 2007

This past Sunday, I began a new series, "Christ-Follower/s: The Complexities of Committing Your Life to Jesus" with a conversation about some of the problems with the old model of maintaining rigid "Rules" for being a good Christian.  This is[…]

February 22 2007

Okay, so I am cheating by cross-posting from a Barack Obama Group blog that I am part of, but I thought this might be of interest to some of you.  Feel free to click on over if you want more[…]

January 30 2007

Pretty excited this AM as I get ready to head off to the Mainline Emergent/s conversation here in the freakin’ cold South. What’s up with that?!?!?!?  Anyway, couldn’t help but have a few giggles when I opened my window and[…]

January 18 2007

Like anyone cares, but this is a cathartic post . . . three reasons I know I am broken and really need Jesus. Don’t worry I am not about to expose any deep hidden secrets. Here are my confessions. Confession[…]

December 6 2006

Every so often, I have one of those, "Man, I gotta blog this" moments.  It could be a cool quote, a random thought, an observations, whatever.  At the center of it all, my moments are always about when God is[…]

December 5 2006

So . . . after a frenzy of blogging a few weeks ago,  I have been silent as of late.  I KNOW the three of you who read this blog are devastated.  But alas, I have fallen back on the[…]

November 15 2006

The past year or so as I have been blogging and building up relationships and connections via the blogging community, I have always wanted to know why some people blog.  I also have been wanting to record exactly why I[…]

November 8 2006

I might switch to a Mac . . .

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This is way too funny.  While I do use a PC (Dell Inspiron 6000 with a SWEET faux wood cover) I HOPE that I am not like the PC "Christian" but if having a PC means that I am, I[…]

November 1 2006

While I realize that some who are further evolved than myself believe that print media is dead, I say NO!  There is nothing like sitting at home or the local cafe with a cup of fair-trade coffee reading the local[…]

November 1 2006

What you are about to read – why exactly you are reading this is a whole different question – is my Doctor of Ministry Personal Statement for my Application to the Pacific School of Religion. Turns out they like me[…]

October 7 2006

Bruce on the Airboat in the Everglades! After finishing up my few days with the Young Urban Pastors, I tacked on a few extra days to rest, catch up on some work and explore Miami a little bit.  Kind of[…]

September 27 2006

Tending the Urban Garden

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After a couple of evenings of meetings and way too much computer time (Yes . . . there is such a thing.) I decided to go out and get some yard work out of the way.  You know enjoy the[…]

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