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March 10 2009

[image: kmevans] Okay, the title of this post is slightly over the top.  Sorry, just trying to be provocative 😉  Technology, while it may do some harm in the wrong hands, it will not KILL the church.  We also know[…]

February 6 2008

Updated reference post: Problems with a 2.0 moderator. Not surprisingly I am getting a little push-back regarding my candidacy for moderator.  By tomorrow, I’ll have a post on the mod blog to address some of the particular issues but one[…]

January 4 2008

After dodging flying garbage cans this AM from one of the worst storms we have had in SF in a long time, I got to my coffee destination, thought about blogging and realized that I got nothin’ – not because[…]

November 8 2007

This past weekend due to some family obligations I was left with about 24 hours sans family.  So I got caught up on some reading, did some church work and then decided to veg out for a while in front[…]

October 28 2007

Now most of the time, I think I am a pretty nice person.  My first inclination is to be hopeful, trusting and give the benefit of the doubt to everyone.   But every once in a while I just get tired[…]

July 31 2007

What the HECK!  I would like to use stronger language. Why does it seems like the only people talking about the hostages in Afghanistan are Asian American folks? That is probably not totally fair, but I think the post Silence[…]

June 28 2007

Ford has rocked my world

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Sitting in a Ford service center customer lounge is quite the surreal experience.  Not sure what has given me more pause this AM or brought up more of my personal assumptions. THUMBS UP – There is free WiFi in a[…]

June 27 2007

Yes, I know I am a word prude and don’t so much engage in the cussing.  Though I will say that when I am around those who do indulge more than I – mainly church members and certain family members[…]

May 29 2007

Study: 38 Percent Of People Not Actually Entitled To Their Opinion I love The Onion.  I have been told that satire is still protected by the First Amendment, sweet!  through the use of some pretty clever satire The Onion pokes[…]

May 28 2007

Dear brother and sister API’s, Waddup?!?!?!?  First Virginia Tech, then SF City College, then Stockton, now this week, not ONE, but TWO of our family were caught PRETENDING to be Stanford students.  Wow . . . how soon things change? […]

May 25 2007

So I did it.  Despite my yearnings to stay with this very cool site, I deleted my account from Seems kind of insignificant, but for those of us who have enjoyed the style, vibe and communal nature of this[…]

May 8 2007

* I think we got this saying from my sister, Lauren, but whenever my family is headed into a situation that will probably require extended waiting, or if we have already been waiting for too long, we will often say[…]

April 18 2007

For the past few days I have been struggling with my own reflections on the Virginia Tech tragedy.  My draft post right now is just a mess of personal reactions, big picture thoughts and everything in between.  Sometimes a simple[…]