Tag: rock the vote

March 19 2009

Okay, you can trust me and simply VOTE HERE for Calvary Women's Services to help them win $5,000 from The Washington Area Women's Foundation or do what Jesus would do and read on for more information about a great organization[…]

April 28 2008

[Photo by Dunechaser] There as a really good article published this last week in the SF Gate, “Millenial Generation” set to rock the vote, where a case was made that largest generation in American History is driving the presidential election and[…]

March 24 2008

Okay, so many of you know that I am big American Idol fan.  Without trying to defend myself from the mocking that has been and will continue to be launched my way by those who drink haterade for fun, here[…]

November 6 2007

Just in case you don’t see in mirror vision, it says, "I voted" which I did.  And fully understanding the importance of the secret ballot, I also think that unless one fears bodily harm or social retribution, one should also[…]