Tag: seminary

May 3 2012

[image by .aditya.] It’s been about 15 years since I have had to do it, but a year after leaving my last church, I have finally updated my Personal Information Form (PIF) – For you non-Presbyterians, a PIF is our resume[…]

April 5 2012

[Photo by stina jonsson] I am putting together a draft syllabus proposal for a class that would cover the very broad topic of “practical” ministry. If you have ever graduated from seminary or know someone who did, I would love to know what you think should be[…]

January 23 2012

Nearly two decades ago, as a candidate for ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA) I had to take, what we Presbyterians call “ordination exams.” Like the medical boards for doctors or the bar for attorneys, we must pass five exams[…]

October 26 2011

It’s been a long time since I graduated from seminary, 1995 to be exact. Much has changed in the world: recent generations have lived a life that I can’t fully comprehend, the landscape of American Christianity has changed and the church continues to play catch-up[…]

February 5 2011

[Photo: dolmansaxlil] A few weeks ago I posted the following facebook status update: Exercising my vast pastoral skilz today which included: fixing the wifi, rolling out the garbage bins and unclogging a toilet. The stories kept rolling in from folks who[…]

April 13 2009

[Image: 1995, my ordination year] Greetings all.  I trust everyone had a revelatory Easter and enjoying some time of rest after Lent and Holy Week. A few weeks ago, I received a note from a seminarian asking me to answer[…]

November 12 2008

[Photo by aeshnaton] Greetings all . . . I have been having a wonderful time here in New Jersey* and New York and will report on that later, but I just received a note from a recent seminary graduate regarding the[…]

September 11 2007

[Photo by Joseph Williams] All people have access to God, but does that mean everyone should be allowed to or is equipped for any role in the church?  And why then ordination? Seems to me that these are some of[…]