Tag: slavery

February 22 2008

For anyone who can make this meeting, this is a great opportunity to get invovled with modern day slavery issues.  This is a note from Mark Wexler who has spoken at MBCC before.  I can’t be there, but hope others[…]

December 28 2007

Go see The Great Debaters! If I were going to show some movies to high-schoolers that were meaningful looks as particular times where people overcome obstacles, break through cultural norms, risk for something greater than themselves, The Great Debaters in[…]

November 28 2007

12.01.07 UPDATE: Great follow-up post with some good links from Vox en Machina. This is totally last minute, but if folks can make it, GREAT!  If you are not from the SF Bay Area, check out the campaign, odds[…]